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Protecting Creative Assets: Key Roles of Entertainment Lawyers in DC

In today’s age of entertainment, creatives are required to navigate through several hoops to protect their intellectual property and assets. The entertainment industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade, with new forms of media like podcasts, streaming services, and social media creating more opportunities for creators. However, with new media comes new challenges, and […]

Business Emil Gutierrez Maria 

Reducing Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Through Lifestyle Changes: A Glimpse of Hope

Amid the seemingly bleak outlook on Alzheimer’s Disease, recent scientific research offers a glimmer of hope. While Alzheimer’s cannot be entirely prevented, certain lifestyle changes may reduce the risk of developing this challenging condition. In this article, Evoke Neuroscience sheds light on the potential steps individuals can take to lower their Alzheimer’s risk. Unveiling Alzheimer’s […]