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Are e-Commerce Platforms Like Online Dispensary Canada For You?

Purchasing or buying necessities is part of our daily routine. Every little thing we need at home came from a store or marketplace. The transition we are in, widens our way of purchasing or buying. Before the pandemic hits the nation, people are familiar with shopping or buying stuff in markets and department stores. But today the digital world introduced the online marketplace or e-commerce platforms.

Although online marketplace or e-commerce websites were available before, not how it is used or visited today. The limited movements due to the pandemic encourage people to use online marketplaces and e- commerce websites. There are three types of  e-commerce website:

  • Business to business – known as B2B e-commerce that focuses on sales of goods or service between businesses.
  • Business to consumer – known as B2C e-commerce that focuses on selling services and products to customers directly.
  • Consumer to consumer – known as C2C e-commerce wherein customers are allowed to interact directly with customers.


Benefit of E-commerce for us

There are various benefits e-commerce gives us. We have a lot of choice because of a wider range of products and services posted, it may be locally or internationally made. It also saves us money for the lower prices they have compared to an actual store that need to rent or buy their space that leads to higher prices of products.

To encourage more customers, e-commerce platforms provide more information for the products and services they offer and it is to our advantage. Another benefit we have using e-commerce platforms is the convenience of not travelling to stores that may avoid us from encountering traffic.

E-commerce platforms are also a  time-saver for us. Roaming around a stove just to find the product we need is time consuming. Such as finding weed products. This product cannot be found in any store so you have to find the specific store and it may take your, but in e-commerce platforms like Online dispensary Canada you just have to tap your phone and then it goes. You can find various choices of weed or cannabis product at Online dispensary Canada.

Advantages of e-commerce platforms


The availability of e-commerce platforms or online marketplaces is wide enough for us. Website comes with convincing and eye-catching advertisements that encourage more customers to drop by. They come up with different sales strategies and programs that awaken the interest of customers, like promos, coupons, cashbacks, and many more that actual stores don’t have.

Another thing is that e-commerce platforms widen the range of products availability. There is limitations in actual stores but online marketplaces offers various products. If before you couldn’t buy imported products, now you can have it just by using your phone and internet. You don’t even have to worry about how you will take it home, they are incharge of shipping and deliveries, all for your comfort.

Yes, indeed online marketplaces or e-commerce platforms are wonderful and comfortable enough to use. All you have to do is to find a legit one and prepare your money for faster transactions, and enjoy your shopping.