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Car Towing: 5 Tips For Correct Towing

Many drivers have faced the tricky situation of having to be towed. However, very few are familiar with the legal provisions relating to towing in road traffic. And among them, some regulations cause surprises. See details (ดูรายละเอียด which is the term in Thai) as you continue reading.

Towing Only In Emergencies

The towing of cars by private individuals is only permitted in emergencies. And only that on the direct route to the nearest workshop. An emergency is only given when a vehicle is no longer roadworthy. Only then may the car be towed. The situation is different in the case of personal nausea, for example, an empty tank. The vehicle may not be towed independently, as the car is still roadworthy. In this case, the petrol must then be brought to the vehicle in a canister.

Pay Attention To Safety

That should be clear: all those involved in the towing operation are subject to an “increased duty of care” during the operation.

The hazard warning lights must be switched on when the vehicle is towed. When turning, the change in direction should still be displayed by activating the indicators or by hand signals from the window. It is strictly forbidden to drive onto a motorway while the vehicle is being towed! If the car breaks down on the highway, it may only be towed to the next exit. Use a suitable rope or tow bar for towing. Both must be marked with a flag to warn other road users not to cut in between the team.

Suitability And Good Visibility Must Be Observed

The requirements for the towing partner are very clearly defined: In principle, it is legal that the driver who has broken down with the vehicle does not necessarily have to sit at the wheel of the towed car. The person only needs to be mentally and physically fit to operate the vehicle (i.e., they do not need a driver’s license) and be at least 15 years old.

There is no maximum speed required for towing. However, you should not drive too fast due to the short distance between the two vehicles and the lack of power assistance for steering and braking in the towed car. Therefore, it is advisable not to exceed a speed of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour.