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Features of a Good Online Logo Animation Maker

While there are hundreds of logo animation applications, you should consider some basic factors which bring out the simplicity and quality required. Some of these features could be found in advanced sites while others will be in just any other site.

To achieve your goal and make the most out of animated logo, consider these features:

  • Animated Logo Layouts

A good logo animation maker  should have a variety of in-built logo animations. These give you a chance to decide on what best works for you as well as have a variety to choose from. The animations ought to vary in that they can be used to make both school logos, business logos and personal brand logos.

  • 3D Animations

3D helps you transform or rather edit the images in various ways. You are able to turn them at any angle, enhancing your creativity.

  • Export with transparency

You should be in a position to export your final logo with transparency. Involving longer processes may lead to distortion of your logo or worse still losing it.

  • Personalization/Customization

This is where you add images, texts, videos, logos among other features to have the final logo fit your preferences. Customization involves the same, though for those who are creating logos on behalf of third parties. So, a good site should avail this option for its users.

  • Music Downloads

These are the audios that play at the background of your animation, video or voiceover. You do not want to involve another application to have the music play. Your logo animation maker  should therefore avail this option. They could be either in MP4, MP3 or GIF.

  • Frame by Frame Timeline

A video motion is often created between two frames with different properties. This is the basic way in which you make your own animation. This feature should be available to make the process complete, otherwise you may not achieve your objectives.

  • Text Properties

The quality of your logo is highly determined by the text you use. To achieve this, consider using a site that contains some special text features. These could include concave and convex, Text Border, Text shadow, Warp, Line height, Line spacing, among others.

  • Customer Support

Creating logo animations maybe quiet challenging at first. Unless you have been doing it, yu will need guidance as a beginner. Your site should therefore have a customer support team who will guide you through the process. Other than that, the team is responsible for all your queries and other issues that could arise in the course of operation.

  • Sign-up process

The process involved in signing up should be short, easy to follow and effective. There should be clear guidelines on how to go about the process and what is expected of you.

  • Beginner tips

Though not a necessity, it is important for a site to have some tips that would guide the beginners. The tips could be shared by either the service provider or other users.


Keenness when choosing an application to create animated logos from is crucial. In the above article, some basic features of a good site have been discussed.