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Freshwater fishing destinations in Thailand 

In Thailand, freshwater fishing has a lot to offer and some of the other things for every archer or boater who wants to catch a fish. It is full of wild and scary species of fishes such as alligator gar to snakehead and other variety of species too. There are many varieties fishes that can be found swimming in Thailand’s jungle waters.

For all the anglers who are in search of great destinations for freshwater fishing, here are some of the best options for fishing in Thailand:

  • Exotic fishing Thailand – Thailand’s fishing grounds are surrounded by massive jungle-covered mountains, making for a truly breath-taking environment. The river, which is situated in Phang Nga, southern Thailand, is built for both hook and fly fishing and is one of Thailand’s finest private freshwater lakes.
  • Jurassic Fishing Park- The Jurassic Fishing Park and Resort Town is a moderate fishing lake that caters to fishermen who enjoy carp and monster fishing. The scenic landscape of the western area surrounds this lake. They have 17 different kinds of species to offer in current. Rice paddy fields are nearby and cover the fishing park and spa, which is set against breathtaking limestone mountain scenery.
  • Flying fish in Surat Thani – Fly fishing trips to the wild forest streams of southern Thailand are for daring fly fishers searching for a once-in-a-lifetime fly-fishing adventure. In comparison to the many commercial fisheries that deal in fly fishing in Thailand, flying fish in Surat Thai has been the best.
  • Boon mars pond – Boon Mar Ponds offer the best Barramundi fishing in Bangkok, with endless replayability for bait and fly anglers. Boon Mar Ponds is the most ordinary advert freshwater lure or fishing loch in Thailand due to its low cost and high quality.