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Guidelines By Picking The Best Yoga Strap

You’ve seen them on the market: yoga straps! Yoga straps are a great way to explore your flexibility and build up strength. Though yoga is still very popular, many people don’t realize there are different types of straps designed around specific uses. Here’s a guide to help you pick the best yoga strap for you.

The Right Length For You

The right length for you is the length you feel most comfortable with in your yoga practice. If your strap is too short, it won’t be effective. If it’s too long, there will be too much slack in the strap and you might lose focus on what you’re doing while attempting to keep yourself steady.

Your Material Choices

Choosing the correct material for your strap is key to getting the most out of your yoga practice. Cotton and nylon are not great materials for a yoga strap, as they offer no resistance or grip. Leather is a great choice, offering grip and breathability while also looking stylish with whichever color you choose.

Mesh and padded materials offer a lot of grip and support, especially if you’re doing more dynamic poses like arm balances. They’re also comfortable on your hands when doing poses such as downward facing dog, or during vinyasa practices where you switch between standing poses quickly.

Is It Machine-Washable?

You are going to sweat a lot during your yoga practice, so the best yoga strap or kit should have all the right features to suit your needs. Among those essential features are machine-washable leashes and yoga straps. You will have to wash or clean your equipment after a workout session or every day, depending on how often you use them.

A machine-washable pad will make it safer for you by eliminating bacteria and germs that may cause infections from spreading from one person to another when sanitizing is not done properly on the equipment before and after use.

How Does It Feel?

Selecting one yoga strap that feels best to you can be a challenge. Different brands and models come with different features and styles. Some are thinner, some are thicker, some are narrower, and others are wider. We encourage you to try out different types of straps to see what feels most comfortable in your hands.

The feel of a yoga strap is important, especially if you’re using it on your wrists. A lot of straps are made of leather, which can dig and pinch the skin. The best yoga straps have a soft, cloth-like feel so they don’t irritate sensitive skin.


While there are several factors to consider, I think the most important one is that you pick a strap that feels comfortable in your hands. This could mean anything from the length of the strap to the texture of the material. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to you to decide which features you value more when picking out a new strap. Good luck and happy stretching!