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How to Start a Successful video interviewing Business

Video interviewing is on the rise and companies are recognizing its value and investing in it a recent study found that video interviewing is the most popular interview method among job seekers today with over 50% preferring it; today’s fast-changing business landscape requires modern workforce solutions, and job seekers want businesses that are more accessible, affordable, and convenient than ever before that’s why so many businesses are turning to video interviewing as an alternative to traditional face-to-face job interviews and it’s a logical choice for many reasons.

What is video interviewing?


It is a technology-assisted method of conducting interviews, the candidates sit at a computer with an internet connection and a video recorder and when conducting an interview, the employer casts the interview to the computer where the candidate is located; the candidate may then receive the interview through the computer’s video recorder.

Video interviewing is a hybrid of both internet-based and in-person interviewing, it is a natural fit for both remote and on-site interviews, employers can conduct remote interviews with candidates who live in remote areas or are on-site with their offices, it is also a great option for hiring health care professionals, sales representatives, and other jobs that require face-to-face interaction with the employer and it enables employers to efficiently conduct interviews with candidates who may not be able to travel to their offices.


Why use video interviewing in the workplace?


Employers who use video interviewing report increased engagement from candidates, better quality hires, and decreased costs compared to other interview methods, with it, candidates can prepare for the interview, take notes, and review their past performance and this leads to increased levels of engagement and better preparedness, which boost the quality of the hiring process; the benefits are evident in the results of a recent survey and the survey found that employers who use video interviewing are: – 52% more likely to hire a top candidate – 46% less likely to receive poor quality hires – 7% less likely to spend on interviews overall – 3% more likely to trust their hiring decisions.

The key benefits of using video interviewing


  • Predictable ROI – When you invest in video interviewing technology, you get more out of the technology and less out of your budget, costs stay low while engagement increases which means you get more out of the investment you make in video interviewing technology.
  • Better Hire Quality – Video interviewing allows employers to access job candidates from all over the country or the world, you can easily conduct an interview, assess their fit for the job, and make an offer, saving you time and money.
  • More Accessible – Video interviewing is an excellent option for businesses with remote or on-site job candidates, this type enables you to conduct interviews with candidates who may not be able to travel to your offices.
  • Better Transitions – Video interviewing creates smoother transitions by letting you edit and re-record interviews, this helps reduce hiring mistakes and save time.

Final word


Technology has revolutionized the way we conduct business, and video interviewing is no exception, with the growing popularity of remote and digital work, employers are looking for innovative ways to connect with candidates and hire the best talent; it is an excellent option for employers who want to increase engagement from candidates, reduce costs from other interview methods, and access remote job candidates who may not be able to travel to their offices.