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Marijuana Light : Why do so many Italians smoke it ?

When we talk about Marijuana Light, we mean a variety of Cannabis sativa that is very low in THC and therefore devoid of psychotropic effects on the brain.

In short, Marijuana light does not offer the classic “euphoric” effect that one usually gets when smoking cannabis with higher concentrations of THC, but is only able to attribute the typical benefits of CBD, without any kind of risk or danger of addiction.

But then why do people smoke Marijuana Light if they don’t “get high”?

Well, there are many reasons for this, and they are certainly not easily summarized in a few lines.

However, in order to be able to bring this in-depth study of ours to completion and try to give a complete answer to the question that is the title of our article today, we still want to try to take a step further along this path and provide you with some useful insights.

Even without delving in this introductory part into the conclusions we will arrive at, it is clear that there are those who smoke because they like the taste of cannabis and want to enjoy it without violating the law, and those who consume it in order to enjoy the many benefits it can bring to the body.

In short, we just have to see what the positive aspects of consuming Marijuana Light are

And what are its effects on our health!

Why smoke: the effects of non-psychoactive weed

As we already had the opportunity to anticipate not too many lines ago, the characteristic that mainly distinguishes Marijuana Light from that sold on the black market (and towards which we evidently advise you to turn away!) is the very low concentration of THC: in fact, the limit allowed by law is 0.2%, with fluctuations allowed up to 0.6% in certain certain cases.

Precisely by virtue of this very low THC content, the consumption of Marijuana Light does not involve psychoactive effects on the brain, that is, it does not alter the perception of reality and senses of the subject who uses it.

Although low in THC, Marijuana Light is rich in another cannabinoid. This is CBD, a non psychoactive metabolite naturally found in hemp plants, which acts on receptors in the brain stimulating serotonin production and causing improved mood and decreased anxiety.

For this reason, Marijuana Light can prove to be an excellent natural remedy for stress symptoms and sleep disorders, thanks in part to its anxiolytic, sedative and analgesic properties. Among the many positive effects of CBD, we also find its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to counter aging and degeneration of cells and are a valuable aid in the treatment of various diseases.

Thus, one of the answers to the question, “Why do people smoke Marijuana Light?” is certainly the possibility of being able to enjoy the healthful and relaxing effects of CBD without the stunning effect caused by THC.

Why smoke Marijuana Light? Here is the legal aspect

Marijuana Light has received numerous endorsements, even among those who used to consume “normal” cannabis, sourced through not particularly licit channels. Law 242/2016, which entailed the legalization of hemp trade with THC concentrations of less than 0.6 percent, allows individuals to consume Marijuana Light freely, without running any criminal risks.

Therefore, one of the reasons why people smoke Marijuana Light is evidently the possibility of being able to enjoy its unique benefits and flavor without breaking the law and without having to turn to unreliable sources for its purchase.

Indeed, the Marijuana Light on the market comes from licensed growers and is produced organically, without the use of substances that could pose a health risk to consumers.

Although Marijuana Light is considered legal in Italy, it is necessary to point out that, should there be any doubt regarding the nature of the cannabis found in the possession of a given individual, Law Enforcement Agencies are still authorized to carry out further investigations.

In order to safely consume Marijuana Light, it is therefore essential to purchase “legal weed” only from authorized dealers and it is advisable to always carry the purchase receipt and certificate of origin of the product.

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