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Reasons Why You Should Use an Authentic Windows 10 Operating System

If you’ve been following the news about Windows 10 and its adoption by businesses, you know there are pros and cons to adopting the new operating system. The biggest drawback for many users is that Windows 10 comes with a digital key (also called a trusted hardware registry or Vendor ID) that checks to see if your installation is authentic.

If it isn’t, you can’t log in or use most of its features. That might seem like a disadvantage at first glance because you can no longer just pop in an ISO or other disc image and go. There are some very good reasons, though, why you should use an authentic copy of cheap windows 11 product key instead of one that has been hacked or modified. Here are five of them:


Windows 10 Is More Secure Out of the Box

If you were to run two identically configured virtual machines with Windows 10, one that was authentic and one that wasn’t, the authentic Windows 10 machine would be more secure. This is because it will be running with fewer administrative rights and have more secure, out-of-the-box settings. One of the biggest advantages of an authentic version of Windows 10 is you get patches as soon as Microsoft releases them, and with no questions asked.

Hackers and their automated tools, bots, and viruses look for vulnerabilities in your system, so an authentic version of Windows 10 prevents those attacks from even starting. There are no longer “patch Tuesdays” because you can download and install updates as they’re released. You can also schedule when they install, so they don’t interfere with critical work. Of course, you should always keep your computer protected with anti-virus software.


It Has Better Device Coherence

Windows 10 has features that make it appear as though the entire computer is always the same device. For example, if you’re using Windows 10 on a laptop, you can use the same wireless network connection at home as you do in the office. Or, if your company uses virtualization to share computers between workgroups, you can use your laptop as a virtual machine host. This type of device coherence requires a digital key. If you’re using a non-authentic version of Windows 10, you can’t take advantage of these features.


It Has a Great New Browser

One of the most important functions of a computer is to access the web, so it’s critical that you have a browser that’s fast and reliable. One of the first things Microsoft did when creating Windows 10 was to completely rewrite and re-engineer its browser. Microsoft Edge is the default browser with Windows 10. It’s a powerful browser, and it even takes advantage of the way modern CPUs work to make it faster on a wide selection of computers. Edge has features that make it a great browser for businesses. For example, it can automatically create PDFs from web pages. That’s great for sending a page to a client or colleague.

When you use Windows 10 on a laptop with a fingerprint scanner, you can use Windows Hello to log in with your fingerprint instead of typing a password.