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Some of the unique features of ford F-150

Ford has been a renowned name in the automobile industry in Alabama since a very long time. Over the years, it has even garnered a reputation that is beyond the purview of traditional automobiles and has entered into trucks as well. There is great hoard among dealers and buyers for getting the Ford Trucks for sale in Madison Alabama. The fact that makes Ford stand out from others is the unique innovation and features that it brings on board along with the promise of quality and longevity by Ford. The recent addition to them is the new Ford F-150 truck. Here are some of the prominent features of it.

A powerful control center

The truck comes on with a unique command and control center that even expands as one moves up the models. For the very base model or XL version, the truck will be having a center display and touch screen of about eight inches. While moving up with models like XLT or above it, the truck will have about twelve inches of screen space which can even be split among the users and front seated people to control the different aspects of the vehicle like navigation, music etc.

Connectivity features

Even if the display doesn’t seem enough for all the people riding the vehicle, the connectivity features make up for everything. It can play a host to multiple devices at the same time with the SYNC 4 system with 4G LTE modems embedded in it. This feature can provide access to about ten devices. As a system SYNC 4 has twice the capacity of previous generation computing and this is a standard feature in all the F-150 models. 

Office or living

The vehicle is especially designed for people who spend a lot of their time in their trucks, with working and living being done in the same. The F-150 has an optional console area for work surface at the center and is also well structured to provide ample space for dining as well.