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The custom ring manufacturing process at Hong Factory with Importance of the ring size chart

Hing factory is an amazing place with top-quality jewellery on sale. If you are looking for a custom jewellery manufacturer then Hing Factory can be perfectly highlighted. Know about the company’s custom ring manufacturing process and learn the importance of a ring size chart in the article below.



Process of custom manufacturing at Hong Factory


  1. Inspiration/Ideas – inspiration is required in this field. Without getting inspiration to make a new piece, you won’t be able to find success in your work. Inspiration automatically leads to doors of great ideas and designs. Thus, workers at Hong Factory search for inspiration first.
  1. Ideas on papers – the workers at Hong Factory then pull out the ideas in their minds on the papers. The papers then are forwarded to you for having a thorough look. You can either request for a redo or changes, it is up to you.
  1. 3D sample – it is better to recheck as many times as possible before going for the final production. After the sketching, with the help of computers and other tools, the designs are then formed in a 3D sample. This stage also needs approval from the vitals to go for the next steps.
  1. Wax designing – to bring the design into reality, the artisans at Hong Factory then design the wax. Either with the help of a computerized machine that is expert for wax modelling or with the worker’s own hands, the item is made of wax.
  1. Wax model scores – this is the last time the customer will be able to change anything in the design. If the final approval is given from the customer, then the workers are free to move for final production.



Importance of a Ring size chart


Ring size chart at Hong Factory or any other website, the explanations and understanding will be the same. It is important to have a look at the ring size chart, measure your ring size before moving ahead to buying the ring. Many times, people think about ordering a single bigger than their original ring size, why? Because of some unrealistic beliefs. However, if you do the same, it is obvious the ring will slip down your finger or won’t fit perfectly like it is supposed to. At these times, you are to blame for the intended mistake. To avoid the mistakes like these, measure your ring size correctly, have a look at the ring size chart and place the order for the same size.

Not glancing at the size chart might create more problems. The unfitting ring in the finger does not look appealing, then what is the use of buying it in the first place? When it is not adding the extra touch of beauty to your frame? It is merely easy to understand a size chart. There is no need for explanations or even if it is mentioned there by the kind site members, you don’t need to look at it.