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The Ultimate Guide To Drug Rehab Centers Phoenix

Did you know that drug rehab centers are not all the same? Each center has its approach to helping individuals recover from addiction, and there are many different types of drug rehab centers. Some specialize in one particular area like alcohol or meth addiction, while others cater to a specific demographic like wealthy adults or young women with co-occurring disorders and substance use issues.

Other drug treatment programs focus on a recovery philosophy such as faith, holistic healing, or extended care. Read on to learn more about the various types of drug rehab centers and which might be right for you.

Rapid Detox Program

If you have severe withdrawal symptoms, you may be able to avoid a trip to a full drug rehab centers Phoenix by attending a rapid detox program. One of the downsides of detoxing at home is that you’ll probably have to go through a withdrawal period before you begin treatment.

Some drug rehab centers provide a rapid detox program designed to kick-start the process of clearing your system so you can move on to treatment sooner rather than later. Rapid detox is an inpatient program that offers medical supervision while you experience withdrawal symptoms.

It’s important to note that not all detox programs are created equal, and for some people, rapid detox may not be enough to handle a serious opioid addiction.

Residential Treatment Program

If you’re struggling with addiction and you’re having trouble finding the motivation to quit, or if you’re dealing with co-occurring mental health disorders, residential treatment may be for you. Residential drug rehab is an inpatient program that provides around-the-clock treatment and supervision.

Residential treatment is meant to be a more intensive and controlled setting than an outpatient program. Residential treatment programs may offer a greater range of services, more individualized care, and a more tightly-structured program than outpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Program

If you have a mild addiction, you may be able to tackle it with an outpatient treatment program. An outpatient drug rehab program is a treatment option that allows you to continue living at home while attending therapy sessions at a nearby treatment facility.

You’ll typically attend treatment either one or two days per week, and you’ll likely be required to attend group therapy, individual counseling, and take part in other recovery activities. Most outpatient treatment programs last between three and six months and take place during business hours to accommodate working individuals.

Some programs even offer online group therapy and other digital tools to make them more accessible to people who can’t leave work during the day.

Co-Occurring Disorder Program

If you have a co-occurring disorder, you may need a drug rehab center specializing in treating both your substance use disorder and your other mental health issues. Some rehab centers specialize in treating individuals who have multiple disorders at once, including substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and/or eating disorders.

Co-occurring disorder programs often provide more intensive care than programs focused on one particular addiction. Some co-occurring disorder programs are residential, whereas others are outpatient.