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Things to Consider For Easy Re-Sale of the Condo Tha Phra

It is impossible for anyone to predict the future. And that is why you should be open to all possibilities. When you buy the Condo Tha Phra [คอน โด ท่าพระ, which is the term in Thai], you have to keep in mind that there may come a time when you would like to sell off the condo instead of living there happily ever after. As the condo market is quite unpredictable, you have to be wise and logical while purchasing. Before you make the leap, you should ensure a few facts so that you don’t fall apart when you decide to sell the condo.

Amount of unsold units

If you notice that there are several unsold units in the condo community, then it can be a sign of despair. Why do you think there are so many unsold units if the community and quality of the association’s management had been good? There can be several reasons like poor quality of construction or many discrepancies in the way the association manages the money. You should know well before buying as you won’t be able to sell it off easily, and the scenario can get worse in a few years.

Justification of condo fees

How will you justify the monthly condo fees to the potential buyers of your condo if you are not ready to agree with the amount? It s okay to pay the amount you see equivalent development in the community. But when you see a deficit in maintenance works and lack of upgrades in spite of the considerable fees. It definitely implies that the association is either misappropriating the funds or keeping them aside for some other purpose. Without complete justification of the amount, you should never proceed to buy the property. It will add to agony while re-selling the property.