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Touring the best of Japan in Autumn

Japan is one of the most looked up to destinations in the diaries of a traveler. The country has so much to offer to explorers of all age groups in all dimensions be it science, culture, history, flora and fauna. However, something that is most attractive about Japan is the change of colors and beauty that it experiences in each and every season, and especially in autumns. Most of the highly loved fall season wallpapers are from autumn in JapanTherefore, it can be a dream come true destination for most travelers. Here are some of the best places for visiting in Japan during autumn.

Eikando Temple

This temple in Kyoto allows a way to experience the vivid colors of the fall all the while enjoying great cups of healthy green trees in the temple gardens. The grounds are even illuminated at the time of the night to continue the majestic experience. This temple is in close vicinity to the Nanzen-Ji areas as well as the art museum of Nomura so that the visitors can even go on to explore more. The best time to visit the place is from mid to late November.


This is another place that is located on the outskirts of the city of Kyoto. It offers a great peek into the mountains completely covered with forests and patched up with trees sporting multiple colors. One can also go for a romantic ride on the scenic train of Sagano after visiting the temples in the place.

Ueno Park

This park in Tokyo is home to now more than nine thousand trees. This makes it a great place for tourists who are attracted to explore foliage and botany. The park also features some of the best shrines and a museum inside it to enhance the experience.