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Various Tips to Submit Music to Curators

When you submit your music to a curator, it’s important to be prepared with some key details. The submission form should include the link to the song or MP3 file. It should also state whether the song has already been released or is unreleased. When possible, provide the link to the album to which you’ve uploaded the track, so that the recipient can listen to it and decide whether or not to purchase it. Once you’ve submitted your music, be sure to follow any submission instructions carefully.

First, you should know the specifics of the blog that you’re submitting to. Bloggers prefer new music, so don’t submit anything too old or outdated. Make sure the song is still fresh, too. The music must be in MP3 format, and you should also include a brief EPK, if you have one. Once you’ve created a playlist, you can submit it to blogs and magazines for exposure. But remember to follow all the instructions carefully to ensure your submission is accepted.

Before submitting your music, make sure to take the time to create a good profile on social media and research your target audience. Most blogs don’t accept songs that are older than a month, so make sure to create a press release and explain the music in the most interesting way. Don’t submit your music to a blog that has the biggest number of “fans”, as many of them are fake accounts. Be sure to check out the genre and website of the blog owner before you submit music.

Sharetopros is a popular music-focused website that allows users to submit their music to record labels, influencers, and curators. The submission process is democratic, and the site audits all its users, which makes it impossible for crooked business practices to succeed. Its founder is an ex-music blogger, and has put in place strict guidelines to ensure fairness in its submission process. In addition, the curators are very fair and will listen to 90 seconds of your song.

It can be challenging to get the attention of a curator. Many playlist curators have their own guidelines for submitting their playlists. Some prefer SoundCloud links, others prefer MP3 files, and still others want a bio or photo. Every curator has their own preferences and submission guidelines, so it’s vital to read them thoroughly. You’ll find that it takes time to reach the right audience for your music. But if you’re patient and consistent, you’ll see your submission get a high response rate.

Remember that radio stations usually prefer high-quality music over low-quality versions. Hence, be sure to properly master your song and tag it in the correct manner. Most radio stations will expect you to send them a press kit, which should contain your bio, links to your songs, social media profiles, and album artwork. Additionally, it may be helpful to hire a radio plugger to help you get your music heard. They will have contacts in the music industry, and they will help you get your music to the right people.