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Why More And More People Are Opting For Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries?

Lithium trolling marine batteries have been becoming the choice of boaters all around the world for trolling boats on the water. They have become popular and if one is confused about whether they ditch their old lead-acid battery and spend that extra buck on the trolling marine batteries then one can clear all their doubts here. So, here is why more and more people are opting for lithium trolling marine batteries.

Reason 1: Higher lifespan

The traditional batteries are designed well for enduring the jolts of boasts but they get wasted pretty much as the average 2000 to 3000 cycles daily and would only last 2 to 3 years, on the other hand, the lithium battery uses 5000 cycles daily and last 5 to 6 years. The longer lifespan can be attributed to the material and technology used in lithium trolling marine batteries.

Reason 2: Faster charging 

Not only do these batteries have a longer life span they also don’t waste much time on fully charging the battery as they charge them rather quickly. The average time that lithium trolling marine batteries takes is 4 to 5 hours (depending on the battery used), whereas a lead acid battery would take 8 to 10 hours to fully charge the battery. Thus, one doesn’t have to charge the battery overnight or worry about charging it and wasting more energy.

Reason 3: Stable power after drainage

As the battery drains its charge the power the battery would supply would start to decrease and the motor would not be able to perform its best as it isn’t getting enough power to move. This is not the case with lithium trolling marine batteries if even if the person had drained nearly half of their battery.

Thus, if one is opting for fishing (which consumes a lot of time) battery for a long time they would be able to do so and enjoy it without any care about the drainage.

Reason 4: Lightweight

Although all marine batteries are designed to be lightweight the material used in lead-acid batteries makes it a little heavier than lithium trolling marine batteries as lithium is significantly lighter in weight than other materials. This lightweight face might seem trivial but is important for the performance of the trolling motor. Let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose one is going out to fish so naturally, they would need a bucket of worms or fish (if they are looking for bigger fish), fish hooks, a first aid kit, a bag of water, and a meal for two times. This can be a little heavier for the motor but alongside them, if one uses a heavy battery, they would never able to enjoy their motor to the fullest of its ability a spend would spend more energy. Thus, it’s better to opt for a lightweight lithium battery.

Reason 5: Endures more extreme temperaturesThe lead-acid batteries won’t be able to endure extreme temperatures and would get damaged. But the lithium trolling marine batteries can endure extreme temperatures without damaging themselves. One can even further reduce damage by shielding the batteries.