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Why Should One Wear A Watch?

We might as well admit it: we tend to abandon the watch in favor of our phone, which we always have with us and indicates the time.

  1. No Battery Problem!

This is the main problem with our smartphones: we have the impression that they are always at the limit of low battery! It must be said that we wake them up all the time, as soon as we receive a message, as soon as we hear the sound of notification, or even when we want to change songs!

So, if, in addition, we turn on their screen as soon as we want to know the time, no wonder they discharge so quickly! With a watch, all of these battery problems don’t exist. We put a small battery in it, and the watch from Rolex center (ศูนย์ rolex which is the term in Thai) can tell the time for the next 12 to 18 months! Better still, some mechanical watches don’t even need batteries!

  1. The Hour, And Nothing But The Hour!

When you check your smartphone to check the time, it’s stronger than us: you immediately feel attracted by the notifications on the screen! Oh, a new SMS! Oh, a new email from work! Oh, a new like on Instagram! And there you have it, instead of simply looking at the time, you have just unlocked your phone, and without realizing it, you are immersed in it.

With a watch, you don’t risk losing concentration. If you want to know what time it is, take a glance at your wrist, and you stay focused! In a society that increasingly denounces the addiction to screens, having recourse to one less for something as simple as the hour can only be beneficial!

  1. No Worry Of Theft Or Breakage!

Far from us wanting to scare people, but taking your phone out of your pocket or bag to check the time is not always a good idea, especially if it is a smartphone that also costs more expensive than a return trip to Australia! Is someone suspiciously asking for the time in the street? At least with a watch, we don’t have to show him which smartphone we have! Are we in the crowded subway and desperately clinging to a bar? With the watch on our wrist, no risk of dropping our phone and it exploding on the ground!