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Worried About Falling For Fake IDs? Check These Tips To catch Fake ID!

Over the years, the fakes have become better, and sometimes even the best can fail to spot the fakes. This has led to an alarming increase in scams and frauds. So here are ways that will help one to spot a fake id right away and save oneself from such untoward incidents.

Does the signer’s physical description match the signer? 

Compare the physical description thoroughly. For example – if the ID says that the signer is 6’2, but the man or the woman standing in front of you is only 5’6 or lower, it is surely a fake id. Many teenagers who are not old enough to drink and party in the night clubs carry fake idto get entry into the clubs. So if the ID says 30 years and the person in front of you doesn’t look a day older than 18, then it is a fake one. Look at a person’s physical features carefully before you allow them to enter or do business with you. Let us discuss in details about the fake ids.

Understand the state’s ID card features

One should know what one should look out for. Each state has got its security features printed on their IDs. These features include fine lines, holograms, and dual-color texts, etc. A simple Google search will give you all the state(s) features you need to know. For example – Texas’s driver license contains features such as a color photo with the date of birth tactile embossed; DOB printed in dual colors; a star sign to show compliance with the read ID act, amongst other features. In some other states, for an under 21, the ID will be vertical whereas, a person who s above 21 will have a horizontal ID.

Compare the IDs

In case one does not know what to look for in an ID, he or she can compare it to an original ID. Check for the similarities and dissimilarities. Compare the lettering, size, coloring, and corners. For example – a fake id can be thinner than a legitimate one since the counterfeiters use cheap material to make the fake ones. Don’t ignore the microprint as most states use microprint as a security feature. Use a 10X magnifying glass to check for the microprint in the ID. This microprint is located in different locations, depending on the state.

Look for the spellings

In the fake designer bags or products, the spellings are never the same. Similarly, in the fake IDs, there is a chance that the spellings of one’s name or the state are incorrect. This is a blaring sign that an authorized agency did not produce it.

Does the sign look thicker than usual? Or does the photo look more pronounced than usual? Often, once an ID is stolen, a second photo is pasted on top of the original one. Look for other tampered signs such as blurry or smeared text etc.