Food Emil Gutierrez Maria  


Couples ensure that their guests get all the comfort they can get at their wedding. Besides, weddings are meant to be memorable. One of the best ways of ensuring your guests are doing great on your best day is to ensure that there is enough food and drink to go around. Refreshments go from serving dessert, snacks, wines, food, and so on.

There are so many ways you can make yours unique and splendid. Depending on your financial status and budget. One of the latest ways of being unique is the wedding food catering.  This is one of the most recent ways you can have your guest served at the reception on your big day. We all know how important it is to cater to all the guests for a wedding. It is not bad to do something different from the norm.

Hiring caterers to handle your wedding comes with its risks. If you have your guests catered with a food truck, it saves you money. Turns out it is more affordable than hiring caterers. However, despite all these benefits, there are some factors you need to put in mind.


This type of catering is pretty much cheaper than the regular form of catering. The difference is a lot. You must take note of the quotations made by the person handling it and ask questions when you are not clear on something. For instance, when it comes to the regular catering we are all familiar with, the quotations include all other things aside from the food they would be cooking such as dessert service, rentals and so on.

Meanwhile, most of the food trucks do not make provision for that. They are just all about their business of bringing food in the truck. You have to sort the other things out yourself. You need to have a budget on how you would like it to go. Make a budget per head and have an estimate of the people you would be expecting at your party. This estimate tells you the overall money you are looking towards spending on food and other things.


Vendors like that are expected to have insurance. Do not go for just any food truck. Ensure it is backed by the law and has all the necessary credentials. Understand that some services may not be provided by these catering vendors. Ask the services they have to offer so that you can make plans for the other services needed.


This is one thing that would forever remain in the hearts of your guests. It is not common and they are likely to not forget about the experience. It saves you the stress of looking for where to settle to cook. Especially if you are new to the location of the wedding or it happens to be in an open space. It saves you the time and money that would have gone into fixing and building a new space to cook for your guests.