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Finer Options for the Best Car Subwoofers You Can Choose

With a subwoofer, your car’s acoustic speakers allow you to listen to music with better nuance rendering. Installing a car box means enjoying an optimal sound experience during your getaways. However, the market, flooded by a host of brands, does not facilitate selection. As a result, choosing the best car subwoofer appears to be a difficult task. Which one to choose? An ultra-flat model? The most expensive? The most aesthetic? The most powerful? These are all questions that this article answers. The type of subwoofer, the sensitivity, the cross-over frequency (or crossover), the maximum output power, the nominal output power, the impedance, the type of connector, the shape (flat, ultra flat, tube, etc.), dimensions and weight are among other things decisive criteria in the purchase of this device. This guide provides you with the lighting you need to orient yourself.

Why buy a subwoofer?

Far from being just a fad, car subwoofers is a necessity for sound enthusiasts, and it should be so for everyone. Because it allows to appreciate the value and the nuances of musical compositions. Note that the integration of a subwoofer in the car audio system brings a significant improvement to the overall quality of reproduction. Indeed, below a certain frequency, the split kits and the coaxial speakers can no longer produce a balanced sound. This often results in unpleasant, tiring, even aggressive listening. This is why it is advisable to acquire a boomer. This, by exploring the confines of the audio spectrum, softens the sound. It then becomes more consistent and pleasant to listen to.

How to choose your car subwoofer?

To enjoy better sound quality, you need the best subwoofer. However, its purchase is the result of a careful process in which you must take into account a number of criteria.

The power of the car subwoofer

Expressed in Watts RMS, it determines the breadth of your sound experience. The higher it is, the more pleasant experience it gives you. However, for optimal listening a model with a nominal output power of 150 W RMS is more than sufficient. However, if you yearn for a more interesting experience, you can go for a higher potency.


This criterion determines the choice of the best subwoofer. From a practical point of view, impedance constitutes the resistance to pass the electric current. Noted Z, it constitutes the corresponding resistance in terms of alternating current. And since music is a variable AC signal, it influences its quality. For speakers and loudspeakers, the impedance is typically 8 ohms. However, for car subwoofers, it is on average 4 ohms. It is therefore necessary to take this into account when choosing your device.


This is an important criterion to which special attention must be paid. Indeed, compatibility is an essential characteristic in the acquisition of a subwoofer. In short, you must choose an amplified subwoofer that is compatible with the rest of your car’s audio system. Otherwise, you would have made a totally unnecessary purchase.