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Grave Monuments: The Parting Gift


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Life can be tricky at times. You wish to stay with someone for a little longer. But, to be very honest. It is not something you can control. Destiny and the time stop for no one. We at times plan certain things with someone. We often think that we have a lot of time to spend with someone. And because of which we often overlook the importance of the concerned person and the importance of time.  But the fact is that time and destiny do not really care for anyone’s plan. They work according to no one and go ahead as they were meant to be going so to say.

We often regret not doing much for certain someone when they were alive. A lot of people think that way as for that matter. Well, you can not bring the dead back to life. Or relive the moments with them. It is harsh but is the truth which is undeniable and is only facts so to say. Yes, you can not be with them, and yes the person who once mattered and was so dear to you is no more. But, what you can do for them is give a send-off that calms their soul. Give them a farewell they deserve. And no matter where they are. No matter from which realm they are looking at you. They will be happy and satisfied as for that matter. 

A beautiful last gift.

Yes, death is the end. But, you can decide how to end it. Sure, you can certainly not do much for a dead person. But can please their soul by a farewell of top quality so to say. After all, it is the love people really crave. So, give them that exactly so to say. A final goodbye gift carved with your love and kindness can be the perfect sendoff. You can bestow your whole love into the grave monuments to be fair. After death, it is the only thing that stays with the person and with the memories. People at times come to the grave when they feel sad and wish to mourn the death of a loved one.

The grave monuments then would be the representative of the person. I mean, of course, you can not look at them. That is why you need something that represents them well. So when you look at the grave or at the grave monument. Then it should be able to show you the memories that you once shared and the love you once had for them. They always give an oxymoron feeling. A feeling of joy to meet the person again and at the same time the feeling of grief because you know that is not possible anymore.

So, grave monuments really hold great importance. You might see them as just another parting gift. But, to be fair it is much more than that. See it as your final gift. See it as your final goodbye. And then you will be able to understand the importance of it.