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What You Should Know About Prepaid Mastercard


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Many of the existing and potential prepaid Mastercard users have questions and/or concerns regarding these new cards. Some are very negative, while others have positive suggestions. Since there have been many changes over the last year with different carriers, logos, and cards, it is difficult to list all of the current and potential changes, updates, and new applications. However, here are some current and upcoming changes that may be of interest to you.

First, with the recent announcement of VISA and Mastercard joining forces, some of the international, virtual prepaid Mastercard programs may change. Currently, the virtual debit cards offered by VISA and Mastercard are available in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. However, since these cards are issued by banks, they may not always be accepted or even accepted at all by the restaurants, companies, and other businesses that you would use them at.

It is likely that at some point in the future another financial institution will issue one of the new virtual prepaid cards. This time the institution may offer both Visa and Mastercard and possibly allow customers the option of choosing between the two. 

This would offer a third choice for those who may prefer to use one or the other but are not among the major credit cards. It is possible that within a couple of years, another VISA or Mastercard will issue their virtual prepaid cards and that they will compete with the new joint venture between VISA and Mastercard. If this scenario should occur, it is probably already too late for those who wish to use these cards for travel purposes and at merchants around the world.

The new entropay program from VISA is much different than the VISA and Mastercard program. The virtual prepaid Mastercard is issued only by VISA and allows its users the convenience of using the Visa or Mastercard brand name while still providing them with the security of a debit card. These prepaid debit cards can be used virtually like a regular debit card while they are activated through the VISA or Mastercard network.

The concept of this recharge goes Mastercard was developed to provide travelers with an easy way to obtain their travel insurance while avoiding overpaying premiums.  

Since then there have been numerous other versions of the virtual credit card including the prepaid visa/master card, VISA abroad, VISA Canada, VISA Europe, and the VISA United States. Each one is different in its features and applications. Some allow you to make purchases online while others do not. Some allow you to use your regular Visa or Mastercard while others use their networks exclusively.

A lot of people prefer to use your joker mastercard balance because it has many advantages over other options. One of those advantages is that the VISA is recognized universally and can be used everywhere in the world that is recognized by Visa. 

Another advantage of the VISA virtual prepaid card number is that you can add funds as often as you desire without spending any cash upfront. Since the card is tied to your checking account, if you ever run out of money, you can easily add more funds to your VISA virtual card. It is also designed so that you can receive benefits like rebates, cashback, air miles, and more.